1. Please note that our bricks may slightly differ from the pictures shown. This can be caused by the colour of the clay coming from our factories.

  2. All returns to the factory are at the client's expense.

  3. If the same bricks are ordered after some time, there might be a slight colour variation across the batches.

  4. Breakages can occur during the delivery of the bricks. 10% of the bricks may break which we will not compensate.

  5. Due to unforeseen circumstances like breakdowns, accidents, e.t.c, there might be delays in the delivery of bricks. We will not be held liable for any delays that may arise while organising the delivery of client's order.

  6. It remains the customer's responsibility to notify Cheap Bricks of any difficulties in accessing their site. This includes panhandles, bad roads, sharp turns / curves, e.t.c.

  7. In the event that the premises are inaccessible for one reason or the other e.g bad roads, bad weather, floods e.t.s, Brick `n Tile Brokers will offload the bricks at the nearest accessible point.

  8. Delivery dates are only confirmed once payment has been made.

  9. Cheap Bricks' trucks offload either outside the premises or inside if our truck can enter the property. Trucks can offload over a wall / fence at the owners risk. We will not be held liable to any damages to property or injuries that may occur because of such.
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